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Alice Azario studied Architecture  at the Politecnico in Milan and at the Lusiada University in Lisbon.

In the past she has attended several  art courses  with Massimo Geloso Peralta in Milan and photography courses and workshop at Forma in Milano and in Lisbon with Maria Joao Barros.

She has always drawn: painting, illustrations, humorous cartoons. Often imvestigating the female universe or the wonder of the botanical world.
For her works, she uses traditional techniques as acrylics, pencils and watercolours, and also digital techniquesto create or rework her subjects.
In 2008 she wins the award TARGETTI LIGHT ART AWARD,  3° prize, with the light art work called “Oltre”, with Michela Colasuonno.



She has worked with several communication agencies and architecture studios, working on architecture and exhibition design projects, characterized by the use of light, graphic and interactive systems.

In 2008 she started to work on her own, working on exhibition design projects, retail and events.

WORKS PREVIEW Exhibition Design/ Retail /Design/ Branding

Since several years she has held a course on Exhibition Design for the Poli.Design Master Idea in Milan, focused on the way to show and communicate a brand and in 2017 she held a design course with laser cut machines for the SIAM.

In 2016 she founded the design brand BICA-Good Morning Design, designing and making the products, made with digital fabrication systems (3d printers and laser cut machines) and the brand identity.